Sustainable Development

Hurricane Dorian from space on 2, September ’19 by NASA Astronaut Christina H. Koch

The time has come to seek a shift in the way we design and detail buildings.  In truth, it came a long time ago given the principles of Environmental Design have changed little in decades!  There is an almighty ball of gas in our sky, fiercely omitting harvestable energy for sustainable consumption by the habitants of this Planet Earth.

Sustainable Architecture
I’ve been privileged to be educated to postgraduate level by a collective of sustainable specialists and practitioners.  Now is not the time for excuses Adam!  It is time to change my approach to how I design and implement Architectural and Urban interventions.

For the past fifteen years, I can count on one hand how many clients have approached me with Sustainable Development at the top of their agenda. This is somewhat unfortunate… the time has now come to realign my practice of Architecture to contribute to the much-needed reduction in carbon depletion.

Buildings, unfortunately, consume extreme levels of energy.  In addition to extreme amounts of carbon being depleted through the manufacturing of construction purpose products and processes on-site.

How will we make a difference?
For a start lets be sensible. Lets design buildings that maximise energy from the sun, whilst reducing unnecessary overheating caused by unwanted solar gain. Just the simplest steps in the initial design process fundamentally affect the way the buildings perform. Let’s design out such problems from the onset. We can even limit the need for heating or cooling when implementing the principles of Passivhaus

My door is shut to profit-driven individuals and organisations. Please refrain from ringing my number unless you’re sensible in making a difference; rephrase that – intelligence enough to understand the effect of our actions on future generations of this fragile planet.